4 Week Diet

The 4 Week Diet

 The biggest difference between The 4 Week Diet and other less successful

weight loss systems is that The 4 Week Diet directly addresses hormonal imbalances,

which Flatt has identified as the real cause of weight gain.

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The 4 Week Diet Chapter

In 4 week diet reviews people found this revolutionary new diet also corrects several weight loss lies and misconceptions that have traditionally prevented dieters from reaching their goals. Cooking, especially in today’s busy world, can become a serious roadblock to losing weight. 

The 4 Week Diet System contains:

The Launch Handbook

Reveals the revolutionary science behind the diet in plain, easy-to-understand language. Dieters discover exactly what they need to do to crank up their metabolism, burn unwanted fat.

The Diet Handbook

Reveals how each dieter can customize their weight loss plan to fit their body type and produce maximum weight loss in minimum time.

The Activity Handbook

Reveals just how active dieters need to be to lose weight. Dieters are typically pleasantly surprised to learn that a moderate amount of exercise is more than sufficient.

The Motivation Handbook

Reveals how to stay motivated to lose weight as fast as possible. It’s often easy for dieters to get discouraged or to give in to cravings.

The 4 Week Diet

The materials are filled with easy-to-use strategies that anyone can use to continue to lose weight and transform their body. For customers who want to develop a sexy body, this is the upsell for them. Women discover how to tone up their body and men learn how to build muscle.